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The Process – Simple but Strong



  • Request a mentor through Onesimus

  • Fill out an application

  • A member of our assessment team will contact you while you are still in custody and you can discuss what you think will be most helpful to you upon release

  • Once a mentor is assigned you can start to work on a pre-release plan, through correspondence and visits

  • After you are released, commit to meet weekly with your mentor for six month, working through your “life plan”



  • Complete a simple, but in-depth, online application

  • You will be given our training manual, asked to attend an orientation meeting and connect with our mentor coordinator.

  • Thereafter, you will be assigned an inmate (men with men, women with women), given the inmate’s application and interview report

  • Through correspondence and visits, begin to connect with your mentee, and assist them with their pre-release plan

  • Upon release, commit to (1) meet weekly or connect by phone for six months, and (2) do an online report of weekly progress, about resources given, used or needed

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